Math Games

i August 29, 2014 by Tia

You hear "Family Math Night" and groan a little. The teacher sends home a "game" to practice some mathematical operation or drill skill and parents have to play it three times or some such thing and sign off on it. Research has shown, just like reading at home with your kids improves language literacy, doing math at home with your kids and in front of your kids, improves their math literacy.

Luckily there are many games out there that build mathematical skills such as logic, reasoning, mental math, strategy building and flexible thinking and are also SO FUN and ADDICTING that you dont even think about it as math and the whole family actually wants to play.

Here is a sample of the games we will explore: SET, Sumoku, Blokus, Ticket To Ride, Mancala and Mastermind. (SET is my all time favorite. If you don't know this one, you are in for a treat!)

An hour is so short, this won't be a full gaming night, more a review of the games. You will receive a chart of games, what math skill each promotes, number of players needed, time required, cost and where to buy. You will hear a brief description of approximately 15 games and then have the opportunity to either play one game for a limited amount of time or walk around to watch 1-5 games in action depending on the number of participants that night.