i August 25, 2014 by Tia

We will get right down to the point in this workshop, literally. From a point to a line, to 2D and 3D shapes. All workshops emphasize respectful comraderie, cooperative learning, question-asking, and use a hands-on, playful, student-led approach.

Geometry I

We will learn about geometry and generate questions by folding circles. Concepts covered will include various ways to measure shapes and angles and why you might want to do so (perimeter, area, volume, diameter, circumference, radius)

Geometry II

Starting from a complex, real-world problem, we will work together as a group to learn the "rules" of geometry and solve smaller problems to gain the skills and understanding needed for the larger problem. You will work in teams of 2-3 to solve a second, similar problem and present your findings to the group.