Times Tables

i August 14, 2014 by Tia

Learn your times tables already! Knowing them quickly will help you with day to day mental math calculations, estimating at the store, making sure you are receiving the correct change or getting the advertised deal. It will also help greatly when you need to calculate fractions, ratios, algebraic equations and angle measurements among other topics. Instead of stumbling on 8x6, you will be able to focus on learning the new concept.

There are so many ways to explore patterns and structures in the times tables that are fun and help you learn them by heart. You will also get a list of great online games and apps that I recommend and my students love. You will NOT use flashcards and you will NOT be competing with anyone. So, relax, and come learn the fun way!

All workshops emphasize respectful comraderie, cooperative learning, question-asking, and use a hands-on, playful, student-led approach.

This workshop is on the 14th and repeats on the 28th, same time, same place. You are welcome to attend one or both.