Secret Codes

i August 08, 2014 by Tia

Have you ever wanted to share messages with your friends that nobody else could read? Have a secret language? What would it be like to be a code breaker or a spy carrying coded information? There are many ways in which people have figured out how to disguise messages. Some are simple and others, much, much more complicated. This is called Cryptography

Come learn how to encrypt and decrypt ciphers and codes. We will cover Caesar Ciphers, Pigpen Ciphers, Book Ciphers, Substitution Ciphers, Cipher Wheels, Scytales, public keys and the difference between ciphers and codes.

You will get to practice encrypting a message and then exchange with another participant to practice decrypting their message. Every participant will get to take home a resource sheet that reviews the workshop's content, links to great websites and additional ciphers to solve.