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Rip City Math

Mission Statement

Rip City Math is dedicated to supporting students age 6-15 with skills, conceptual understandings, preparedness and confidence in mathematics, helping parents and educators get kids excited about math, and increasing math literacy in our community.


Math Slam!

The Math Slam was a success. Those few who came enjoyed math jokes, stories, songs, book readings and personal experiences. Next time I'd like to do it in a coffee shop with a focus on art and music. If you are interested in helping make this happen, please contact me. If you are interested in being notified when I am hosting a slam or a workshop, please sign up for my newsletter.


Math Wiki

Participate in starting a Math Wiki on Rip City Math's Website. Teachers, assign for extra credit or special projects, parents of home schooled children, assign as an assessment for conceptual undersanding and math writing.


  • Doubling And Halving

    Does your child understand what doubling means? The relationship between doubling and halving quantities? That doubling means x2 and halving means /2? How can you guide your child to understanding these relationships? Doubling and halving numbers is one of the foundations of number sense. There is a pattern to doubling numbers. Once your child knows doubles, he or she can add using the strategy "doubles plus 1" (e.g. 6+7) and "doubles plus 2" (e.g. 6+8). Knowing twice a number helps with story problems that use such vocabulary. It also is a great step to learning 4 times tables because you double your double. Finding half of a number shows ones ability to deconstruct a number and understand that it is made up of parts. Solidifying the concept that halving is the same as dividing by 2 is a worthy mathematical task to help young children understand early on. Read on for how you can set up these tasks for your child.

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