What I Do

I offer after-school tutoring and summer workshops to help kids in kindergarten through 8th grades with their math homework, build their skills and confidence, offer challenging and playful enrichment opportunities. I will support and encourage your child in persistence, preparedness, and learning from mistakes.

My Approach

Being good at math does not come naturally to many of us. It takes hard work, preparation, and confidence in yourself. The pace of modern classrooms in the U.S. is often rapid and does not allow for much think-time, open discussion, or questions. There are a multitude of mathematics curriculums, all with their strengths and weaknesses and specific emphases. I firmly believe the ideal approach to math learning is student-led, playful, and cooperative. I help create a positive environment for math discovery with a focus on studying patterns and structures in our world and using words, numbers, and operations to try and describe them. Kids are encouraged to ask questions of the group (when in a group environment), listen mindfully to responses, and engage in games and discussions in order to build a deep comraderie over time. Students are given the opportunity to process math learning in their own unique and creative ways through music, art, writing, lecture, performance, comic, etc.. This process helps kids personalize math, associate it with good feelings, and know there are as many approaches to learning and knowing math as there are individuals.

Who I Am

My name is Tia Knuth and I love working with kids. I especially enjoy guiding kids through their anxieties and fears surrounding math because the strength and joy of self-confidence, once found, reverberates throughout all aspects of life. I have a Masters of Arts in Teaching from the University of Alaska SE, have taught 2nd and 3rd grades and spend several more years in 4th and 5th grade classrooms as a student teacher in Juneau, Alaska, and as a volunteer here in Portland, Oregon at Sunnyside Environmental School and Atkinson Elementary School. I have been tutoring for about three years. I got to where I am today, strangely by hating math in middle school, high school, and even so far as to avoid choosing colleges which required mathematics courses to graduate (initially). I had great anxiety and low self-confidence which helps me identify with kids in similar states. It wasn't until I began teaching 2nd and 3rd grade that I realized that the world of mathematics was so much bigger and complex than I had been led to believe. It was full of so much more than times tables and memorizing the quadratic equation! I wished I could reach those kids but there were so many in my classroom and other subjects to teach and I was still new to learning much of this math, there just wasn't time. Thus began my lateral career move to tutoring, which has also fulfilled my passion for this incredible new understanding of the language of math. It is forever a journey and I hope to pass on love for this journey to as many people as I can!